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    General Electric presents the new ADTS (Air Data Test Set) series, measurament instruments to test and verify the strenght
    of the sealing of Pitot’s systems, the static and dynamic grips unto the aircraft’s Cockpit

    Easy to use , the ADTS 500 series is a essential support for the operator during maintenance activities and improvement of plant safety .
    The accuracy and safety of new ADTS tools, thanks to technology Terps (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor ), make them ideal for
    the validation of RVSM routes (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum).
    Furthermore, the new proportional control technology, associated with a high capacity of the pump, ensures the smooth control of
    pressure / vacuum at high air volumes that matches any requests for high speed of variation in high volumes, as in the case of simulations
    of variometriche high speed.


    General Electric, using precise pressure controllers, has recreated simulated scenarios with pressure values ​that are the same of the ones
    you might find on an aircraft during flight operation. The ADTS 500 series can also store a synthetic flight model that allows you to test and
    calibrate the system.
    Many test sequences can be saved and retrieved, with quick access to all relevant parameters.
    All GE ADTS500 products include a base unit and a detachable terminal ” hands- free ” with Touch / Swipe screen, connected to the base
    via Bluetooth or cable .
    The result is a product easy to use, portable and precise, perfect for testing dedicated to the pitot systems of aircrafts and helicopters.


    The detachable terminal, thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology, allows you to perform all operations remotely and removes the presence
    of cables or connection pipes in the cockpi , where the operator manages the test and checks the results directly on the aircraft instrumentation.
    The ADTS500 series is designed for a full range of aircraft, including large air passengers and freight transport.
    A range of optional accessories allows a great personalization of the system to better meet the needs of customers.

    More information available at MPG Instruments, official distributor for Italy.


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