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The MPG 4010 Series is a VOR-ILS Avionics Generator suitable for the testing of VHF Omni-directional Radio Range (VOR)
systems, Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) and Marker Beacons receivers.

The MPG 4010 Series is fully compatible to Aeroflex NAV 750C, 2030 and 2040 Series GPIB commands, enabling simplified
and optimized replacement. Avionics parameters are presented in the same form as described in the ICAO standards.
The 4010 Generator is the ideal solution for the testing of avionics on-board LRU and airfield alarm monitors in STTE
systems. The use of a Vector Modulator and Digital Modulation Techniques ensures very high accuracy and stable
performance over all operating conditions.

The 4010 Series is able to generate one, two or three independent Avionics Waveforms at the same time to simulate real situations (ILS complete signal
[Localizer and Glideslope at the same time], dynamic simulation of an approaching aircraft to airport, …). The unit can accommodate up to three
independent Avionics Generators into one chassis, to cover all the needs in terms of testing and space occupation:

MPG 4010: Single Channel Avionics Generator
MPG 4011: Two-Channel Avionics Generator
MPG 4012: Three-Channel Avionics Generator

MPG Instruments offers a high performance VOR/ILS generator for the testing of ILS, VOR, Marker Beacon and aircraft communications systems. For bench
testing of navigation receivers the MPG Generator series provides high accuracy, allowing even high performance receivers used for airfield alarm monitors to be tested with confidence.
The systems provide frequency options up to 6GHz, enabling future implementations of MLS waveforms. The current MPG VOR/ILS
units will indeed allow future update to MLS testing, solving therefore the obsolescence issue of the MLS-800 system unit.

For info: mpgmi@mpginstruments.com

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