MPG Antenna Test System (ATS) has been designed to test and measure the Transfer Function of antennas under test. The MPG system can generate Pulsed or CW RF signals and receive a replica from the antenna. The received signal is then acquired and compared, in amplitude and phase, with the transmitted signal, to provide a precise measurement and performance characterization of the antenna. The analysis is performed in the Time Domain, based on a single or a streaming of pulses. As option, data can also be recorded for post processing analysis to allow the user to achieve a graphical investigation of the received pulses (shape, edges, flatness…).
Standard version covers up to 6GHz with frequency options up to 12GHz, 18GHz and higher frequency range. ATS can be controlled, in local or remote, by a friendly and graphical user interface that supports the user in setting up and running the system.

ATS is a very light and compact unit that can be used also in uncomfortable conditions. The case protects against shock, vibrations and environmental agents (rain, dust, sand…). The standard version is made up of one TX and one RX channel and can be expanded up to 4 RX channels to allow simultaneous test of complex antennas.
Possible application field is the testing of AESA systems for multi-function radars like Empar, Kronos or tracking radars like 25/30X.
Following some of the available options: Horn Antenna (external to the chassis), Monitor and keyboard, Touchscreen, DC Power Supply, UPS.



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